Miss world Manushi Chhillar launched the Club Factory

MUMBAI: Miss World 2017 & brand ambassador Manushi Chhillar during unveiled the fashion brand CLUB FACTORY, in Mumbai. UNI PHOTO

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Chinese e-commerce apps like Club Factory, Shein, Romwe value India markets

India is one of the main markets of focus for China’s major cross-border e-commerce players due to high potential for economic growth, according to a report on Sunday.

Five of the top 10 best performing cross-border e-commerce Chinese apps in the first five months — such as Club Factory, SHEIN, ROMWE and JollyChic – focussed on the Middle East and India markets, according to a report from app data provider App Annie.

According to the report, the Indian market enjoys a huge population and high potential for economic growth, thus attracting many e-commerce players to expand their presence, state-run Xinhua news agency said.

Smartphones are popular in Arab countries and local consumers have strong purchasing power. But the oil-rich countries lack textiles and other light sectors, offering cross-border e-commerce opportunities for products like apparel.

Alibaba’s AliExpress tops the list, which mainly reviews the performances of third-party business-to-consumer e-commerce platforms targeting overseas consumers, it said.

The report also showed that South American markets pose rising growth potential while developed markets in Europe and the United States remain attractive to Chinese e-commerce players.

Resource: https://www.business-standard.com/article/international/chinese-e-commerce-apps-like-club-factory-shein-romwe-value-india-markets-118070800495_1.html

Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding Dress Took Over 400 Hours to Make

Obsessed with Kaley Cuoco’s wedding dress? So are we. But there was a lot more to that gorgeous frock than what meets the eye.

Over the weekend, The Big Bang Theory actress and her now-husband, professional equestrian Karl Cook, tied the knot in a romantic barn wedding in San Diego, surrounded by family, friends, and of course, plenty of horses. But it wasn’t the stunning rustic decor or the horse-filled stable that caught everyone’s attention—it was the bride’s gorgeous wedding gown that really stole the day.

Cuoco walked down the aisle in a custom made Reem Acra wedding gown, which according to E! News took over 400 hours to construct. The dress featured a sweetheart neckline and was covered in embroidered flowers from top to bottom. It also included a stunning cape, which featured the same embroidered flower pattern. The entire look was styled by Brad Goreski and Daniela Romero.

“It was a joy to create this custom gown for Kaley. She looked wonderful and I wish her and Karl a lifetime of happiness,” Reem Acra told E! News in a statement.

Following the ceremony, the actress, 32, changed into a Tadashi Shoji lace jumpsuit to party the night away.

While the bride may have gone all out on her dress, she kept the rest of her look pretty simple. According to People, the actress used only $46 worth of drugstore beauty products to get her wedding day look. Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg revealed the exact products she used on Cuoco to give her that blushing bride look, and they’re all totally affordable.

Greenberg prepped the skin with Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels that have appeared in many a pre-red carpet selfie. After that, she applied Cover FX foundation and subtle pink eyeshadow. She then gave Cuoco a soft eye look, using Burt’s Bees Nourishing Eyeliner Pencil in Soft Black and Burt’s Bees Nourishing Mascara. She completed the look with a few falsies, using Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies.

It just goes to show you: you CAN splurge on that big ticket item on your wedding wish list and still get a gorgeous look that won’t break your bank.

Meghan Trainor Planning Winter Wedding

The 24-year-old pop star got engaged to her significant other Daryl Sabara at the end of last year, and she is keen to tie the knot in a “chilled” ceremony in her own backyard around 12 months after he got down on one knee.

She said: “I was thinking, my backyard’s real pretty. Like, real beautiful. And I just want it be chill and with my family in the backyard so I think I’m going to do that around Christmas time because it’s my favourite.

“My mom is like, ‘Stop telling them.’ It’ll be fine mom. No one knows where I live. Maybe.”

The No Excuses hitmaker admits she and Sabara have adopted a more positive outlook since she shot to fame, and the couple were so pleased to be heading to New York to film the morning news programme.

Speaking on the Today Show on NBC, which co-hosting the programme alongside Hoda Kotb, she added: “I’m so happy.

“We’re saying that a lot more now. Like, ‘Wow, what are we doing here?’ “

Trainor recently said she wants her wedding to be a “casual” affair, and she is keen to put on a barbecue for all her guests.

She said: “I think I’m just gonna be casual. I think I’m just gonna do it in my backyard. I’ve got a great yard and my manager, like, legally can marry people.

“Yeah, I just might have my best friend do it and we might just chill and have like a barbecue. I don’t know!”

The star recently admitted she wanted to “lock” Sabara down into picking a date for their nuptials.

She told BANG Showbiz: “It’s that cheesy line of ‘You know when you know’ and that’s so real because I’ve never had anything like this with any other human, I’ve never not got sick of someone. I’ve been with him literally every day and I’m not sick of him, and I miss him when he’s not in my visual sight, it’s gross.”

How to Officiate Your Friend’s Wedding

Officiating at your friend’s wedding is about as common as godparenting these days—except there’s no risk of getting stuck with guardianship. So it pays to know how to officiate a wedding. Another benefit: if you handle this, you’re likely off the hook for any bachelor party organizing duties (so grab some popcorn and enjoy that disaster of a reply-all email chain). Oh, and did we mention the life-affirming tingle you’ll feel while facilitating the union of two previously lonely earth creatures? That too! So here’s how to set about the task at hand as if you actually had the ecclesiastical juice.

1. Ask Them: Why Me?
You’re not fishing for compliments; you’re gathering crucial intel. If they say “Because you knew Steve back when he was shattering collegiate flip-cup records,” your assignment is a lot different than “Because your track changes on Steve’s lit-mag submissions were so insightful.”

2. Get Ordained
Got five minutes and an Internet connection? Congrats, you’re a Universal Life Church minister! But read the qualifications carefully. Some states and counties have extra steps (in New York City, for example, you’ve got to register with the city clerk). Be wary: once you know how to officiate a wedding, you might become the go to guy in your friend group.

3. Stick to a Script
Open a blank Google doc. Create section headers as follows: Introduction, Readings, Officiant Remarks, Vows, Ring Exchange, Kiss. You’re responsible for “officiant remarks,” but everything else is up to the affianced. You can help them out by copying and pasting some boiler plate script for them to tweak.

4. It’s Not An Extended Toast
You’re not going for laughs. Don’t rehash wild times. At no point should you utter the words, “This guy knows what I’m talking about.”

5. It’s Not a Sermon
Despite your freshly laminated minister ID card (which, it’s important to note, confers no parking privileges), you’re not an actual member of the clergy. If you attempt to say something new and profound about love, commitment, or “these troubled times” you have already failed. Instead, tell a brief and highly specific story that exemplifies the special bond these two people share. Think of yourself as one part traffic cop and one part Academy Awards host. Less tends to be more. The glory in officiating comes from letting the gravitas and beauty of the occasion do the talking.

6. But You Should At Least Pretend To Be A Holy Man
Life offers but few opportunities to invest in a leather-bound folio. This is one of them. Relish it. And make sure you look the part with a suit and tie, etc. Full papal regalia, however, is not encouraged. Unless you’re at Burning Man.

4 Easy Tricks to Improve Your Wedding Videography

To build your wedding videography skillset, practice will (almost) always make perfect, but you don’t have to wait years and years to reach your potential. Simple tweaks to your filming and post-production process can quickly take you from good to great.

In some cases, it’s updating your kit. In other cases, it’s slightly adjusting your camera movements. But either way, these small and easy-to-implement improvements will help you stand out among peers and potential clients — without breaking the bank.

Today, I’ll walk you through 4 ways you can quickly refine your wedding videography skillset by your next shoot.

1. Learn how to capture quality audio

Audio quality can make or break a video. When the quality is high, the vows, letters, and speeches can paint a captivating picture of the couple’s story. But when the audio quality suffers — think: that annoying clothing rustle or the distracting sound of wind — viewers (including your potential clients) are much more likely to tune out.

While slightly nerve-racking for a videographer new to the industry, audio is an essential skill to hone from day one. That said, you don’t have to be a hardcore audio expert (I still ask for the DJ’s help determining which cords I need ahead of the reception), you just need to know the wedding audio basics inside and out, including:

Lavalier Microphones: Prior to the ceremony, attach a wireless lavalier microphone like the Tascam DR-10L to the groom to get high-quality audio of the vow exchange. And, once you’re ready to level things up a bit, invest in a second lavalier for the officiant. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your lav, you’ll want to plug in headphones and listen closely to check if it’s the right volume with no background hum. While a simple set of earbuds will do the trick starting out, down the road you’ll want to invest in noise-canceling headphones (like this pair from Sony) to ensure you’re clearly hearing the speaker.
Zoom Microphones: Plugging a zoom mic like the Zoom H4N into the soundboard is your best bet for capturing quality audio of reception speeches. To avoid any day-of mishaps, always connect with the DJ or band ahead of time to ensure you have the right cords for your microphone (many require XLR cables, but it’s best to clarify in advance). And, once you’re on-site, introduce yourself to the DJ or band early so you can get plugged in with audio well before the speeches begin.
Now, I realize editing software like Final Cut Pro gives you the option to refine audio in post-production, but trust me – edited audio almost always sounds distorted. It’s so much easier (and much less stressful!) when you invest wisely and capture high-quality audio from the start.

Currently, at Adorama, you can receive a free audio microphone with the purchase of select cameras, making it easier than ever to merge higher quality audio with your videography. Click here for more information.

2. Match up your audio sources

You’ve spent hours capturing great audio — don’t ruin it with unsynced footage. This type of footage — where the speaker’s lips don’t match the actual audio source — is horribly distracting. It’s one of those things viewers (and again, those potential clients) notice immediately, and can’t unsee for the remainder of your film.

One option is devoting the time to perfectly match each word in your editing timeline, but even then, audio and video files can unsync every few minutes due to waveforms, which means you’ll have to re-match the files over and over. That being said, this is definitely a doable option — it’s just a major time investment.

The other option — the option I much prefer — is Plural Eyes, a program that syncs multiple audio and video files based on the waveforms from the cameras. Once synced, the program transfers the files into your Final Cut timeline. It’s a miracle worker, and while the program does cost $300, it’ll save you hours of editing time.

One word of caution: If the camera audio is weak or distorted by, say, wind, Plural Eyes will not be able to recognize its waveforms — and therefore, you’re stuck manually matching the clips. To make sure you get high-quality enough audio, use an on-camera microphone like the Rode VideoMic Pro. It will save you the headache of manual matching and — equally important — you’ll have a backup source of audio in case something malfunctions with your audio gear day-of.

3. Establish the scene with still shots, not the pan

While it’s a camera movement I learned in broadcast courses, and it works well in certain contexts (like the news), camera pans should – for the most part – be avoided in wedding videography. I’ve watched hundreds of wedding films since I started in this industry, and there’s something just jarring about the traditional pan in wedding videos, particularly when used over and over again.

Instead of the pan, try setting the scene with wide, still shots that capture the movement of, say, a bird flying over the venue or wind blowing the leaves. This establishes the venue just like a pan would, but provides a much softer, prettier, and more cinematic type of shot.

Two words of advice here – make sure your camera is stabilized on a monopod or tripod while filming these establishing shots to get the smoothest footage. And, if you really want to make your own movement, use a slider like the Glide Gear Slider to set the scene in a cinematic, sans-pan, way.

4. Get a “B-Camera”

Can you film weddings with just one camera? Yes. Should you? For your own sanity, no! I filmed my first wedding using just one camera, and let me tell you – it was definitely a workout. I had to strategically plan my movements during the ceremony and reception, and ended up running (and zooming) like a crazy person to capture different angles.

I learned quickly that a B-camera or backup camera is the best way to preserve your sanity and ensure you’re getting the right angles, particularly for longer feature films. If you have a nice “A camera” — for me, it’s the Sony A7SII — you don’t need to go over the top for your backup camera, especially starting out. The Sony A6500 is a great starting option, or if you’re looking to get a little higher-quality footage (and try something new!) you can pre-order Sony’s new and highly rated camera, the Sony A7III.

You’ll want your B-camera to get the wider shots during the ceremony so you can focus on those must-have close ups of the bride and groom. During the reception, you’ll want your B-camera focusing on the speakers so you can get close ups of reactions from the bride, groom and the “VIPs” in the audience.

And there you have it! Four simple and relatively inexpensive ways to up your wedding videography game without years and years of experience. Of course, like all things, the more you practice, the better your films will become, but pair that practice with these tried-and-true tactics and you’ll be well on your way to wedding film success.

2018’s Wedding Trends Include Capes and Cacti

More than one-third of engagements take place during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. So as warm weather springs into action, newly engaged brides and grooms are busy planning their dream weddings. Luckily, Etsy has revealed its biggest trends for 2018 (and 2019), so newly betrothed couples’ nuptials can have modern wedding ceremonies and receptions.

According to Etsy, all-white wedding gowns are a thing of the past. Searches for “embroidered bridal wear” increased by 40 percent last year, with hand-stitched flowers, stars, and other details adding a little something special to a classic wedding dress (or jumpsuit). Wedding dresses with capes are also having a huge moment. Searches for “wedding capes” have increased 44 percent. More dramatic and original than a shawl, wedding capes are perfect for both the conservative bride and the bride looking to make a flashy fashion statement on her big day.

The trend of endlessly customizing your wedding shows no signs of stopping soon. Highly personalized details are trickling down to wedding items that have always been more or less the same. Guest books, those dusty ol’ notebooks very few couples look at after their big day, are getting a makeover. Searches for “guest book alternatives,” which include everything from Jenga game sets to hang-able artwork to marriage advice cards, have increased by 53 percent.

And what will weddings look like? According to Etsy, 2018 is the year of the Southwestern wedding. Forget burlap and Mason jars, it’s all about desert-inspired décor with cactus centerpieces, sunset shades accompanying muted greens, and textured wood. Southwestern cuisine is a natural extension of this wedding theme. So expect to see some midnight tamales, a fajita bar, or some delicious black bean chili.

Etsy’s other emerging trends for 2018 include pet-friendly weddings, clear acrylics instead of chalkboard signs, and stacked rings. Oh, and coming up for 2019? The return of the puffed sleeve, so watch out. For now, these trends seem fresh and exciting. But before too long, they’re likely to become those wedding trends that desperately need to go away.